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Is Implant Treatment a Painful Procedure?

Is Implant Treatment a Painful Procedure? 

 Is implant treatment a painful procedure? This question comes first among those who have dental problems and are considering implants. In fact, although dentists perform most operations by numbing the problem area to minimize pain, there are still concerns.

 Implants are artificial prostheses that replace real teeth and are used as if they were real. Implants are performed in areas with missing teeth and tooth loss. In this way, the chewing process during eating becomes much easier and the implant process provides great benefits to people.

No Pain Is Felt Because Local Anesthesia Is Used

The implant procedure is a surgical procedure. Therefore, the treatment is done by applying local anesthesia. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain as the problem area will be completely numb. 

 Is the implant procedure a painful procedure? Those who say can easily have this procedure done, as there are many, because it is painless and anesthetized. However, since the local anesthesia will lose its effect after a while, during the day, it is normal to feel aches and pains in the treated area. Dentists say that these pains are normal. Just in case, the pain will be stopped together with the medicine, as the physicians will give the patients painkillers.

 In other words, no pain is felt during the procedure because the problem area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. However, mild pain may occur after the procedure, and you can relieve it with medication.

What not to do to avoid pain after treatment
  • It is very important to stay away from hot and cold drinks and foods so that the tooth can fuse with the jawbone after the implant. Instead, milk and dairy products should be consumed.
  • Smoking and alcohol use will negatively affect the healing process and slow down the fusion of the tooth to the jawbone. Therefore, you should reduce the use of smoking and alcohol.
  • You should definitely stay away from hard foods.
  • Tooth brushing and flossing should be done as gently and slowly as possible without damaging the tooth.

No matter how painless the implant treatment is, it is up to you not to experience any pain afterwards. You can minimize the pain by doing what your doctor says. In short implant treatment sore one process is it of the question The answer is no, it is not painful because anesthesia is applied.

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