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Dental prosthesis


Dental Prosthesis Treatments

Dental prosthesis is made to replace lost teeth. It is a method that people have their teeth made because it is important in terms of aesthetics, speech and health of the teeth instead of the lost teeth and is affected by them.
It is done by dentists. Dental prostheses are divided into fixed or removable prostheses. Lost teeth and tissues are also made to help maintain dental health.
Fixed prostheses are divided into two as crowns and bridges. They can be named according to the material used as full metal, metal supported porcelain or full porcelain.
Full dentures, Partial dentures, Immediate (temporary) dentures, Overdentures (tooth or implant) dentures can be named in different ways according to the characteristics of removable dentures.

How Long Is the Life of the Denture Teeth?

Renewal period is 4 (four) years in removable and fixed prostheses. It can be renewed before this period. But dental prosthesis The fees are not covered by SSI. Casting labor fee is not paid in dental prosthesis treatments. It is carried out for people who have neglected oral and dental care and lost their teeth. There are many treatment methods related to oral and dental health, this is one of them.

How Are Dentures Cleaned?

Dentures should be cleaned regularly. In regular maintenance, dental prostheses are used for a long time. In cases where cleaning is not done regularly, food residues, tartar and bacteria formation around the mouth and teeth. Brushing at least 3 times a day and soaking in sterile chemical liquids several times a week your dental prosthesis one of the maintenance  

Dental prosthesis cleaning should be done on a daily basis. It should be thoroughly washed with water after each meal. Before going to bed at night, the dentures should be brushed with a soft brush. dental prosthesis It is also an important criterion for the prevention of bacteria and plaque formation.


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