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Root Canal Treatment


We Take Care of Your Tooth Roots!

root canal treatment, It is among the most demanded dental treatment subjects. In cases where the superficial filling process is not sufficient, root canal treatment is required if the caries has descended to the root. Recent technical advances have also led to significant progress in health. There are different types of fillings. Such as composite filling, inlay filling, amalgam fillings.

Although the materials used in the metal used in amalgam fillings are robust, they also have some disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is the use of metals such as mercury, making composite and beam fillings preferred. In cases where dental caries is not on the surface of the tooth enamel but descends into the tooth canals, the canal must be cleaned before making these fillings. In the meantime, root canal treatment will be required.

Specialist Dentists Performing Root Canal Treatment


Root canal treatment is performed by endodontists, who have a different expertise in dental and gingival treatments. In our clinic, expert endodontists clean the caries that have descended into the tooth canal with a fine and detailed study. Because it requires meticulous work, it requires expertise and attention. This procedure is done by applying local anesthesia in a way that does not hurt the person being treated.

 After certain points of the gum are anesthetized, the nerves in the tooth canal are cleaned. The gap opened is filled with suitable materials. Today, white-ray fillings, which are important in terms of aesthetics and health, are made. Our clinic is one of the professional health institutions in its field. After the tooth is cleaned from the nerves, the filling may not be done on the same day. meanwhile root canal treatment Afterwards, it is covered with a substance called gutta percha. 


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