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Zirconium Coating


A Strong Jaw, Healthy Teeth!

It is generally used by our physicians to obtain a more aesthetic appearance and to make mouth and tooth functions more functional. zincrium covering recommended. We offer you a successful and quality service with our expert staff in dentistry.

 One of the most preferred services in our center is zinc coating. Zinkorium teeth have been prominent as porcelain veneers for many years. These porcelain teeth are applied in two different ways as metal-supported and metal-free tooth coatings. 

Zinkorium tooth does not have any allergic properties. Although zinkkorium is used in different areas, it is generally used in tooth coating due to its permeability and whiteness.  Zinkorium covering, It is more durable than other types of teeth. It is preferred more often because it is a type of tooth that does not leave a metal taste in the mouth. 

How is Zinkorium Dental Veneer Made?

When you come to our center, dental damage is detected first. If the problem in the tooth requires veneer, it is intervened in the patient's chair. Local anesthesia is then applied. Compromise happens in a short time. In the next step, the tooth circumference and tips are thinned.

The reason for this is to prevent the coating from becoming too large for the person's mouth structure. Then the mouth is cleaned and disinfected. Although the examination of the teeth creates a bad image, this situation is temporary. The tone of the tooth is determined by taking the patient's opinion. Generally, natural-looking tones are recommended.

Zinkorium coating will be prepared for you in 5 to 7 days. This veneer is first attached to the tooth temporarily. The patient is evaluated in his mouth for up to 10 days. Then, it is started to be used by paying attention to its cleaning like natural teeth. Zinkorium covering It is also the right choice for people who are heat resistant and allergic to metal. If you are having problems with your teeth, you can come to our dental center and benefit from all these successful services. 


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